A Slow Day at Work? How to Make the Most of It!

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It doesn’t happen very often, but we do occasionally look around and think, “wow, I don’t have anything pressing to do for work today”. Or maybe it’s your “slow season” and you have a few extra hours every day. At Burgie MediaFusion, we have had this conversation with our clients and friends over the years, so we thought we would compile some ideas for productive activities that can be done during one of those quiet workdays. Remember you are getting paid so online shopping is not an option unless it’s work-related.


Work on all of your “someday” tasks. What have you been putting off that needs to be organized?

Look around your office and make a list of everything you see that needs to be organized, cleaned, or filed. Then start on these items one at a time. Don’t try to tackle them at the same time or you’ll just get more distracted.

Things to focus on:

  • Your workspace
  • File drawers
  • Tops of cabinets
  • Lists that you keep creating but haven’t glanced at in a while

Tackle Those Emails:

How many emails are sitting in your inbox? Your spam folder? This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time cleaning up your inbox. Follow the idea of “Do It – Don’t Need It – Need to Revisit – Delegate it”. You’ll feel so much better getting these pared down to just what you need.

Take Time to Network:

This is the perfect time to visit other departments in your company or with colleagues. Schedule some low-key meetings to connect, find out what’s going on, or schedule a lunch. Increase your visibility and check in with colleagues that you know, have lost touch with, or want to get to know. You might be surprised at what you’ll learn or have to contribute to a conversation with someone else. It might be a good idea to post some current and interesting work-related content on social media like LinkedIn or comment on someone else’s work-related content. Build rapport with your co-workers by walking around, interacting, and listening!


We all want to thank others for their help, time, input, gifts, and ability to listen, and we hopefully say “Thank You”. But how often do we send hand-written thank you notes? We cannot underestimate the power of positivity others feel when they receive a hand-written thank you note. Sending a thank you to someone is showing that you value what they did for you or your organization. Have you thanked those that work in your organization for their time, efforts, and dedication? Send a thank you to a client thanking them for working with you or that you appreciate the working relationship. An email thank you is a good alternative, but face it, doesn’t a hand-written note make YOU feel good?


A slow day at work is a perfect time to take a moment and reevaluate your programs, processes, and business practices. Are you doing things because ”that’s the way it’s always been done”? Has someone brought up some good ideas that keep getting tabled? Are there processes in place that can be tweaked?


What are your goals? Do you want to expand your skill set? Is there something you want to learn? Evaluate your goals and set intentions. Write down what you realistically want to change, learn, try, and research. Creating a list and finding resources will be proactive and get you started. Use the down times at work to expand your professional knowledge. Better yet, share them and have someone hold you accountable to achieve these goals.

Breathe and Daydream:

It’s healthy and ok to take a few moments and let your brain go. But at work, can you daydream about how you wish things would go, what you’d like to accomplish, how you might get those things done, or where you see yourself in a year, 5 years, 10 years. Don’t put parameters on your dreams-just have them. Doing this uninterrupted might just give you some clarity. Oh, and take some deep breaths!

Get Ahead:

Do you have a project looming that you don’t need to start yet? Do you have items on your to-do list that haven’t been touched? This is the time to chip away at these projects so that you won’t find yourself behind or under pressure down the line. There’s no harm in asking for information needed for a project that you know is coming, but you haven’t yet received. Initiative in the workplace is always appreciated!

Your Accomplishments:

It’s easy to get caught up in work and not realize all you’ve done. Sitting down and tracking your accomplishments is important for many reasons. When your performance review comes up, you’ll be prepared with what you’ve done for the company. If a position opens up in the company, you’ll be prepared with all of your accomplishments. Don’t forget to collect emails that show praise for you, or how you solved problems and issues. If you’re in sales, keep track of your numbers. Compile lists of projects, presentations, and documents that show your abilities and strengths.


No, we don’t mean go for a long, sweaty run, but can you drop and do a plank, lift some light weights, or take a walk around the block? A few minutes of exercise during the day helps your brain and muscles reset. Get up and move for a few minutes-it’s not only relaxing and clears your mind, but it’s good for you!

You won’t get quiet days at work often, but they can be game changers for your mood, your work ethic, and your productivity! If you know how to maximize these times, you’ll hopefully feel more productive on the busy ones!

And remember, all of us at Burgie MediaFusion are here to help you with your creative marketing and social media needs. Let us do some of the work for you!

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