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  1. the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties, especially by a professional.

The definition seems simple enough. Guidance. Resolving problems. Overcoming difficulties. All seems great. Not much more to it, right? Webster makes it sound so quick, short, easy, to the point. Counseling. You go. You talk about some issues. You fix them and that’s that.

Or is it?

I’m here to tell you that Webster may have missed a couple of steps and realities associated with counseling.

So who goes to counseling? What is this noun all about?

Let me tell you.

Counseling is a journey. A relationship. A path of finding ourselves, our purpose, our goals and living them out. It’s a journey of healing our past pain, working through current difficulty and moving forward with freedom and letting go of the baggage that we have been lugging through our journey called life.

Counseling is not only for the “broken”. It is not only for those who can’t find a way to smile. It is not only for those who are so lost they have no where else to turn and are confused, lost, angry, sad and frustrated. Not only for those who struggle to wake daily and wonder if the fight is worth it. Yes, counseling is for those individuals, but it is also for the ones who seem happy on the outside but are crying on the inside. Counseling is for the couple who smiles at the neighborhood party and fights constantly behind closed doors. Counseling is for the parents who attend the sports games and cheer in the stands but can’t talk to their children once everyone is in the car again. Counseling is for the family that lost a child to alcohol, drugs or death. For the spouse who was betrayed or betrayed their partner. For the couple who can’t conceive and dwell on the loss of growing a family. For the teen angry at their parents for a divorce, abuse or neglect. For the teen preparing to become a parent or grieving the reality of a terminated pregnancy. For the child who can’t catch a break or control their emotions. For the student who feels they’ll never be good enough. For the survivor of abuse. For the professional frustrated in their work environment and wanting more. For the parent who feels they lose control each day and is unsure how to raise their family. For the person who makes poor decision after poor decision and can’t break the cycle. For the person anxious about anything and everything. For the person who just needs to talk and open their heart to healing.

Counseling is for everyone.

Whether life has presented pain, loss, frustration and difficulty or one is striving to improve upon what is already great and reach new goals… counseling has benefits for everyone.


Working with clients and walking alongside them is a true honor. I am blessed to get to spend time with clients and help determine their goals, their difficulties, their baggage. We discover these areas. We peel back the layers to better understand and allow healing. And then, we move forward. Together. I’m in the client’s corner. Cheering. Supporting. Sharing a laugh or shedding a tear of empathy. I’m there to be the sounding board, guide, motivation, confidant, accountability partner and coach. I’m there to listen. To not judge. To allow a space for the journey to begin.

Do I fix clients?


Is it my job to fix clients?


Do I think clients need fixed?


My role is to help open the doors of the heart and mind to healing and allow the client to learn through the counseling process and to move forward from pain toward reaching their goals with peace.

So counseling….it’s a lot more than Webster gives it credit for in the 19 word definition. But it’s 19 words worth investing in to allow you to fully live the journey of life.

I invite you to follow this blog. It’s my honor to have a part in your journey, whether only via this blog or 1:1 in my office. I’m glad you’re here.