Fun With Your Kids This Fall!

By October 4, 2017Blog, Featured

Just because school has started, doesn’t mean that family fun has to come to a stop. True, it can be a little more difficult to make time for fun, with sports, homework, and other time constraints, but isn’t family time of equal importance? On that ever-filling calendar, carve out some time each week to spend quality time together, doing something fun and maybe even different. We’ve thought long and hard, researched, and have come up with some activities for your family to try. We’d love to know what you’re going to try this fall!

Take a Hike!
We have amazing metro parks all over the city so that you could choose a new one every week. Or have you looked around your neighborhood? Maybe there’s a spot you didn’t even know was there.

Pumpkin, Apple Picking, Corn Mazes, Festival, and More Fun!
We’ve never heard anyone say that they didn’t love picking apples or pumpkins. We live in a state where the opportunities to do this are abundant. This list will help you find the best places for apples, pumpkins, corn mazes, and more!

Board Games/Cards:
When was the last time you spent a rainy day or weekend evening playing a game or cards? Sometimes we get so caught up in new and better, and forget about the good old games! Remember playing Sorry!? Isn’t it time to teach your kids how to play this game or any of your childhood favorites?

Road Trip:
This blog has some fun road trips for places here in Ohio. Try one or just get in your car on a Sunday and see where you end up!

Check out some recipes online and cook with your kids. There are so many food bloggers out there that have fun recipes that are sure to make your kids want to cook. Here’s one we really like. (Her blog has fun art activities, too.)

Fall is the perfect time to go camping, but you don’t even need to leave your own backyard. Set up the tent, build a fire in the fire pit, and tell spooky stories. Your kids don’t have to go anywhere in order to love camping. (Plus, you don’t have to pack up food or use a porta-potty!)

We hope that you have fun with your kids this fall and find some fun activities to do with them. They don’t stay the age they are for long, so make the most of the time you have.