Instead of Axeing for Thanks, We Give Thanks!

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All of us at Burgie MediaFusion are thankful each and every day. Recently we all gathered to celebrate Barb as our “boss” and friend. We spent some time chatting about what we are thankful for both professionally and personally, as this seems to be the time of year we are most cognizant of this thought. We loved our discussion so much we wanted to share it with you! We are most thankful for our relationships with our clients and the trust they have in us. We value them, each other, our families and all of the little things that we call “life”.

Barb Burgie

Personally: I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a positive force in our world. Our family was given a huge gift by having good health and that makes it possible to enjoy each and every day and be thankful for just that. We can choose a lot of paths to take and I am blessed to get to be surrounded by positive and inspiring people.

Professionally: I am thankful of all of the little touches that happen each and every day. The small notes or hugs that we get to share with each other and clients can make every day better. We truly are friends and seeing the commitment to personal success and ensuring each others’ happiness is awesome.

Cathy Dieckman

Personally: I am thankful for a loving partner, laughter, family, and great friendships. Together they make life enjoyable and fun.

Professionally: I am grateful to be employed by BMF because I get to work again with small businesses; helping them share their message and celebrate in their successes. I love working with people who have passion for their industry. I also am thankful for the fun, intelligent and easy to work with teammates – they make work a breeze!

Natalie Monroe

Personally: I am thankful for my amazing family and friends. I have the best network of people in my life that make me happy and whole. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Professionally: I am thankful to work with a group of strong women that motivate me. I am grateful that we can all work together for common goals whether it is for a client or a personal one. I’m thankful I feel nurtured both professionally and personally by our team!

Janna Thompson-Chordas

Personally: I’m thankful for the growth that challenges provide in my personal life, which makes the struggle so worth the effort to rise to those challenges. And bourbon, still thankful for bourbon.

Professionally: I’m thankful to work with women who know the value of hard work, all while focusing on our families and sharing a good laugh.

Sue Maxwell

Personally: I’m thankful for my kids. They are incredible people and are forging their own paths with courage and strength. I love life and try to find a simple pleasure each and every day to be thankful for, whether it’s gazing at the changing leaves, taking a walk with a friend, reading a book, spending time at a beach, or doing something fun with my husband.

Professionally: After retiring, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’m thankful to be in a job that involves working with a group of women that challenge me, inspire me, and are now my friends. I love being able to work with our amazing clients. This job has become more than I could have imagined.

What are you thankful for? We’d love to hear what you are thinking. Thank you to our friends, family, and clients for helping us to be the best we can be!


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