School is Starting Soon!

By July 31, 2018Blog, Featured

Are you ready? Are you taking advantage of the Tax-free holiday this weekend? Many schools have their back to school supply lists posted, but inevitably there will be more supplies to be purchased, clothes to be bought that are this year’s “it” item, and stuff we just forgot! And how do we get back into a routine? How do we make sense of all of it and not be overwhelmed?

What to Purchase:

  • Don’t get caught up in the hype. Much of what we see is driven by advertisers and we (your kids) don’t “have to” have it all. Have them choose the “one” item that will make it more fun to go back to school.
  • Look through the supplies your kids brought home and see what can be re-used this year.
  • If you haven’t bought supplies yet, take advantage of all of the sales going on right now. You might have to go to a few stores, but you might save a few bucks.
  • Know and understand your child’s school dress code. Your child might love the graphic tee or cute shorts, but will they be allowed to wear it in the school?
  • Give your kids a budget for school clothes and stick to it. Not only will you save money by not making impulse purchases, but you’ll help your kids learn some budgeting skills.
  • Maybe this year, make it a point to help those less fortunate if you’ve haven’t before. Many places are collecting supplies, backpacks, and clothes. Add in an extra set of pencils, tissues, or shoes to your shopping cart, and donate it to a less fortunate child.

How To Get Ready:

  • Starting now, try to get your kids to bed a little earlier each day until school starts, if you’ve let them stay up later this summer.
  • In that same vein, get them up a little earlier each day. Good luck with this one!
  • Plan now what breakfasts you will want to fix or have your children fix. Make ahead breakfasts are a great solution, and there are tons of ideas on Pinterest. A protein-packed, nutritious breakfast can make all the difference for your child.
  • Have your child help you make lunch the night before. If they can help choose or make lunch items, they might be more likely to eat it.
  • Designate a place in your home to be “School Central”. Keep bookbags, coats, and anything else that goes to school in this place, so you don’t have to hunt for everything in the mornings. Make it a point to place things here as soon as you know it’s needed for school.
  • Have your child lay out clothes the night before, so there isn’t any arguing or decision making to be made in the morning.
  • Set up a homework space that works for your child. Some kids need a quiet space, while some kids need to be near the action in the home. Have supplies and a nutritious snack available, so no searching is needed.

Involving your child in as many of the above ideas above will create ownership and help your child to be successful in school. It might even make things easier for you, and as parents, we all want that. Be in communication with the teachers and do your part to support the teachers, your kids, and the school.

Here’s to the best school year!

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