Our Favorite Things to Do:

Every day is different around here and we love that! Currently we are working on:

Old school traditional marketing

  • Designing cool ads, brochures and flyers
  • Direct mail campaigns (you can’t just send out one)
  • Media plans and media buys (we actually still talk to sales reps and buy newspaper ads, radio spots and TV time)
  • Community events and activities
  • Selling sponsorships and producing printed publications
  • Pushing out information to media
  • Designing and producing signs, billboards and posters
  • Training folks to understand social media (many teams don’t know what they are doing and ask us for help to understand)

Digital Design & Development

  • Content creation for blogs, social media and websites
  • Website development (We concept and wireframe. We DON’T do code, but know some really smart people who do and bring them to talk to you.)
  • Email newsletters, alerts and announcements
  • Videos (we have people for that too)
  • Google analytics review
  • Internet marketing campaigns (SEM/SEO/PPC… all those fancy words to buy ads online rather than in the paper)