Burgie MediaFusion Intern: Faith

The month of June was a fun one here at Burgie MediaFusion! We had an intern—and wow, she was a great one. We even learned some things from her. She showed up, worked hard, and learned some valuable skills. We asked our Burgie MediaFusion intern to share her experience by answering some questions and reflecting on what she gained from her experience.

Questions We Asked Burgie MediaFusion Intern, Faith:

Burgie MediaFusion Intern

Why did you want this internship?
What did you learn?
What skills did you bring to BMF?
What was your favorite experience/activity/assignment?
What do you hope to take away/gained from this experience?
Anything else you want to add?

Hello! I’m Faith Johnson, a rising senior at New Albany High School, and for my senior seminar project I completed an 80-hour internship here at BMF. This is a project required by my school to graduate where students can choose to do anything they really want, with the goal of learning something new and getting a new experience. I have always had an interest in the business world, so I decided to take this project and really dive in and get some good experiences, and that is what I got! Throughout the last three weeks, I have learned what it looks like to run a successful, productive business. I have seen how much work and thought goes into all projects and how the BMF team functions together to make a cohesive plan.

During my time here, I conducted a great deal of research. I found lots of information about a variety of different topics for clients’ blogs, meetings, projects, and more. I also took on the task of creating a TikTok for BMF (follow us 🙂 @burgiemediafusion). We made our first TikTok as a team, which was tons of fun. Along with creating an account, I designed some How-To tutorials on making a TikTok and Reel and did some research on how to optimize the platform as a business. Social media creation is what I enjoyed the most because I have had a great deal of experience with it. Although I had personal experiences with TikTok creation, it was cool to see the coordination and thought that goes behind successfully posting on an account with the purpose to promote. I also really enjoyed being able to sit in on a few client meetings. I found everything that they talked about interesting and exciting. Observing how BMF can best boost the company while keeping the client’s goals in mind was very informative. 

faith and cathy BMF

By doing this internship, I have gained real world experience that I otherwise would not have gotten before college. I feel confident in my choice of major for college when I apply in the fall now that I have been exposed directly to what I thought I wanted, and still do want to do. I would like to thank Barb Burgie for giving me this opportunity and being such a good mentor during this process, and the rest of the BMF team for being so welcoming to me.

Here at BMF, we feel compelled to help others, whether it be donating to worthy causes, giving our time and energy to nonprofits, or helping young people find and explore their paths. Faith was a welcome addition to our team for the month. We wish her the best as her senior year begins.