Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy: Marketing Mondays Workshops

By February 29, 2024Blog
Marketing Mondays Workshops

This is the year you are going to make some changes! And it starts this spring when you attend Burgie MediaFusion’s Marketing Mondays workshops.

No matter what your job title is—marketer, small business owner, content creator, the list goes on—our powerful workshop information will help you succeed in business.

Barb Burgie, owner of Burgie MediaFusion, has years of experience in the marketing industry, and is a successful owner of a small business, helping companies succeed with their marketing strategies.

Join us in April 2024 for three workshops geared to help you create a powerful marketing strategy. We will meet informally and share our thoughts and experiences with you. We encourage you to participate and share what struggles and successes you have in your business.

Upcoming Marketing Mondays Workshops

April 15th

Prepare for Success with an Integrated Marketing Plan. This Marketing Monday workshop will get your marketing off to a great start by learning different marketing strategies and integrated marketing plans.

April 22nd

How to Establish Smart Goals and Set Key Performance Indicators will help you establish and understand smart goals, set key performance indicators, track performance & metrics, and evaluate your success.

April 29th

What am I Doing Wrong? Why Some of Your Marketing Strategies are not Working for Your Business delves into the mistakes that are hurting, and not helping your marketing, and what changes you can make for success.

Sign up here for one or all of these marketing Monday workshops.

We will meet at BASH! by Young & Wild Balloon Co. 679 High St, Suite B, Worthington, Ohio 43085. **This space is located behind the Worthington Tavern. Parking is available in the Public lot accessed from W. New England Ave.

Testimonials from some of our previous Marketing Mondays Workshops:

“What we love about Barb’s workshops are that they take the scaries out of marketing. She breaks tasks down into small steps and helps you make an actionable plan. There’s so much false pressure out there regarding marketing—e.g., you have to do this, you must be on such and such platform—but this workshop cuts through all that static. Barb provides relevant data on all the different platforms so that you can make the best choice for you and your small business, and she helps you build out a plan you’ll actually follow through on. Bonus—she and her team are just lots of fun!

~Sarah Lagrotteria & Katy Scoggin Just Bloom School

I recently attended Burgie MediaFusion’s Email Marketing Best Practices class and learned so much! Going into the class I knew pretty much nothing about email marketing. Over the course of an hour and a half, I learned how to engage folks with enticing subject lines, important things to include in the email body, and of course, interesting statistics! I walked away with the confidence to create my first email campaign and within 24 hours of sending my first email to my database I got 4 bookings! If you own your own business or do marketing, I highly recommend taking a Marketing Monday class with Burgie MediaFusion!”

 ~Amy Patterson, Owner, Magic Hour Wellness