An Inside Look Into Our Team Social Media Perspectives!

By October 28, 2021Blog, Featured

As a marketing/social media company, here at Burgie MediaFusion we are always researching, talking, and sharing information. A recent set of questions about social media that Barb asked us really got us thinking. As we talked about these with one another, we knew we had some extremely valuable information that could help others when navigating social media. Social media has a strong presence in many companies, but what works for one, might not work as well for others. What do you see working well for companies you work for or follow on social media? Check out our team social media responses!

The Questions and Our Answers:

What do you believe most companies are doing right on social media?

  • Sharing images of people (staff or clients) adds a personalized connection with an individual who is surfing on social media.
  • I think that companies have realized the importance of having a presence on social media and almost all are on some platform these days!
  • The companies that are profiling real and authentic stories in video format are truly resonating and seeing engagement. I believe with limited resources you can connect with great videos.
  • A lot of companies are using social media to do more than just promote their products and services. I think they are using it to connect with people outside their typical audience and become relevant. It is a good tool to convey your company “voice” and in turn, gain customers they may have not had before by appealing specifically to them.
  • I believe most companies are working hard to be (or are becoming) more transparent and truthful with their followers. They are connecting, telling stories, and showing humanity at its best.

What social media platform do you think provides a brand the best exposure and why?

  • I’d say that’s a loaded question because it depends on your targeted market. If your target market is 50+, I would say Facebook. If your target market is under 25, then TikTok and YouTube, and in the middle, I think Instagram is a great platform! LinkedIn serves businesses well for employment needs, so basically ALL can be valuable in different ways. Our team social media responses will show you how the different platforms serve different audiences!
  • I think Instagram is resonating more and more with a variety of ages. The ability to do fun things on the app means it is engaging with a more youthful audience, making it relevant across a large group of people.
  • This is a tough one for me to respond to, as I do not use all of the platforms regularly. If you asked my husband, it would be YouTube because he loves watching videos and learning about other subjects. For me, I guess it would be Facebook as I spend the most time there as opposed to Instagram and Twitter.
  • I believe it depends on the brand and target audience. For example, a photographer has more to gain from the Instagram community, whereas a recruiter would want to focus on LinkedIn. I think the key is to identify your target and then research which platform supports most of those people. However, it never hurts to use several social media platforms to promote your brand–you can find customers and clients anywhere!
  • Instagram continues to be a “feel good” platform and a positive way for companies to share the very best versions of themselves, their products, their vision, and their consumers.

What have you learned in the last 6 months that has changed the way you (or a company) markets?

  • Using more print direct mail advertising (postcards) to reach prospects. We haven’t done that significantly in the last 2-3 years, but we are seeing great results.
  • The emergence of video has been huge, and I think showing companies off in a personal light and showing who you are interacting with has been helpful with engagement.
  • I have learned that people want to connect. The best use of any marketing dollars is working to connect your company with your target market.
  • I have learned SO much in the last six months being a part of this team. I think the most valuable tool has been the idea of a content calendar and identifying the brand “voice”. This helps you create good content and know exactly when to share it to gain the most impact.
  • Using a content calendar to plan your content and promote your brand is an important tool. You can see at a glance what you need to change and what is working. Where do you need a promotion, a blog, information and more? A content calendar can help you pave the way.

What are your answers to these questions, do you agree with our team social media responses? If you need marketing guidance, give us a call. We’d love to work with you.