Thankview—This Might Be Something Your Business Should Use

By August 15, 2023Blog

Recently, we learned of a website used by one of our clients and we feel it is worth sharing. It is thankview by evertrue. We wanted to get the word out about it! Businesses create their messages in a powerful, interesting, and effortless way to reach clients, donors, and other recipients. Personalized videos are a smart way to engage your audience, and the features in this platform are really exciting and innovative.

What is thankview?

Thankview is a way to build better relationships using personalized video. At BMF, we know video is a smart marketing tool. According to thankview’s website, “Start using video to drive 61% open rates, increase donor retention by 15%, and raise 74% more than traditional email appeals.

  • Create videos to send custom thank you messages, event invites, updates, solicitations, anniversaries, birthdays—your imagination is the key to success.
  • Easily upload videos, edit, and spice them up (with their website tools) on the website.
  • Store and organize unlimited videos at no extra charge.
  • Your entire team can create and manage the videos.
  • Upload your own videos or request videos from students, volunteers, staff, donors, and more with guidance and in-line recording scripts. (They say it is easy to do!)
  • Use the variety of available templates and customized envelopes to customize your brand.
  • Add CTA buttons, PDFs, and giving forms to create actionable steps for your recipients.
  • Add recipients easily and group as needed within the database.
  • Track the metrics in real-time to see opens, click-through rates, who’s watched, how many times, where they watched, and how they engaged. Keep the conversation going with those that open with a new message.
  • Connect with the technology you are already using.
  • Get support and help from real people in real time.
  • Resources include blogs, on demand webinars, case studies and guides.

When you access the website the first time, you’ll be asked to “Set up Demo”. Clicking on this button takes you to a page to chat with a member and submit your info. There are also FAQs on this page. You can even request a sample, so you’ll see what it looks like when sent. Prices range from $99(Pro)-$299(Premium). There is a free trial available as well.

The website is filled with feature information, sample videos, and inspiration. Why not look at it for your company?