The Power of a Team

By August 23, 2021Blog

You know that feeling you get when everything at work is going well? The feeling of excitement, success, and productivity. Knowing that if you have an issue or problem, someone is there to assist you. Laughing and spending time together outside of work, or just lunching together. Being recognized and working for a company that is there for its clients. Working in a place where people are inspired and work well together.

It’s the power of working with a great team that makes these things (and more) happen. The difference between success and failure starts and ends with the team of people working in the company. Building a great team leads to more success, better productivity, and satisfied employees and clients.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.”

~ Henry Ford

What Makes a Team Powerful?

What are those things your team needs in order to be great? How, can you, as a leader, facilitate what your team needs?

Trust and Teamwork

  • Open communication, transparent conversations, and bonding are vital components. Your team needs to know that conversation, communication and time to bond with others are valued, encouraged and respected.
  • Putting trust in another team member creates strong relationships that can weather an occasional disagreement or issue.
  • With trust comes understanding. The team succeeds when all are appreciated, respected, and celebrated.
  • If you are the leader, what you do and say matters. The team looks to you for appropriate behaviors, values and guidance.

Feeling Safe

  • Being able to share opinions, problems, and issues, all while being actively listened to is important for everyone.
  • Resolve conflicts without feeling threatened or diminished. Have the ability to compromise in order to come to an understanding. We all get frustrated from time to time, but what is important is how we (as team members) handle and resolve that frustration.
  • The safer each team member feels leads to higher work engagement and the desire to want to do better and work harder.

Team Players

  • Everyone pulls their own weight, steps in to help, supports and follows through on commitments and responsibilities.
  • Flexibility is key, as well as adapting to changes over time.
  • Each team member shares specific strengths and talents. Everyone has a unique perspective which benefits the entire team.
  • Working together as a team and being successful with a client, project, or idea is a bonding experience that leads to more success. The better an individual feels about the team, the more benefits to your company.
  • As a team, the purpose of the work is clarified and understood by all. Explain why something is being done.


  • When the team works together and shares each perspective–brainstorming, planning, and creativity thrives.  The saying “We are the sum of all of our parts” applies here.
  • Shared knowledge and collaboration brings everyone’s’ ideas to the forefront. That’s a win for you and your clients!
  • Part of creativity within a team involves active listening. Consider others’ ideas and thoughts.

Recognize and Respect

  • We all like to be recognized in some way. A successful team will bolster each other and recognize positive contributions, family events, and personal goals. Set time aside to recognize each other during a meeting, or with an email, etc.
  • Create time to take breaks, go to lunch, plan some team building, or anything that gives everyone a chance to breathe and relax.
  • Celebrate the big and little events! Sometimes all it takes to boost morale is to celebrate the end of a tough day.

A team must have “teamwork” to be successful. When you like going to work, being with those in your office (or Zoom), and collaborating, it strengthens the success of your business, creates happy clients, and a team able to handle anything that comes their way. Our team at Burgie MediaFusion truly embodies and embraces these tactics and is ready to work with you and your team!