The Social Media Movement for Social Good 

By February 10, 2022Blog, Featured
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Our Social Media platforms are vibrant, filled with photos and videos of family and friends, advertisements and information (both accurate and inaccurate), kind and mean. Along with that, in the last few years we have seen the rise of social good expand across all platforms. These posts, both from individuals and businesses, have had a positive impact on what we see, talk about, share and do, both in our own lives and in our community.

Social Good

Social good is an action that benefits people in an impactful way. Within social media, social good is the act of using social media to make a positive impact in your surrounding environment. It’s enhancing the life of a cause through a positive impact that may have started on or been enhanced by the widespread reach of social media.

But the real significant change is taking social good from your social media posts and moving it to the communities and causes you want to affect. This movement is bringing people together to participate and work in their communities. The pandemic and other recent events have shown us what needs to change in the world and the move is underway for us to make change happen.


What are the ways you or your company can implement social good within your feeds? The goal being its evolution to an act or cause in the community. Start by implementing these ideas within your posts, your campaigns, and your company mission as the first step—one that will be impactful.

No matter if you are an individual or a business striving to make some changes, your social media channels can introduce these ideas.

  • Build relationships to show people who you are, and how you or your company creates, nurtures, and cherishes relationships.
  • Communicate with honesty, transparency, and authenticity.
  • Connect—who can you connect with that is also striving for social good? How can you use your comments to connect in a positive way?
  • Show your human side by how aligned a brand is to social issues, its purpose, and mission. Showcasing your brand’s personality and perspective can create long-lasting changes.
  • Spotlight ways to give back and focus on what is happening with nonprofits and charitable acts. It’s one thing to say you’re aligned with a cause or charity, it’s another to show what you are doing by participating, especially if you can show more than just giving money to a cause. It’s perfectly fine to give money (and we encourage that), just don’t let that be all that you do. Invest your time and energy.
  • Keep a pulse on conversations and stay attuned to what is happening in your community.
  • Be a real human, one that is compassionate and trustworthy.
  • Choose messaging that not only brings awareness to issues but also works to promote action for those issues.
  • Try to make a difference for the better. In our hearts, we all want to help and show empathy for others.
  • Invest in community-led networks and help them make a difference.
  • Be intentional, inclusive and engage on a personal level.

Our team at Burgie MediaFusion is involved within our communities, but we know we can do more. We encourage all of our clients to share what they are doing for social good and help them create ways to make their social media a positive and encouraging place for others to view and interact.

What changes can you make in 2022 and beyond? As always, let us know how we can help.