What are You Grateful for This Year?

By December 9, 2020Blog

Grateful – a word with a great deal of meaning. Being grateful is about appreciating and recognizing what you have right now – big or little – in your life. While 2020 has been challenging and difficult in so many ways, it has caused us to pause and contemplate what we are grateful for this year. Our team took a moment to reflect and wanted to share with all of you what we are grateful for in 2020.

Why not take a moment and do the same with us?

We are Grateful at Burgie MediaFusion

Barb Burgie

I am grateful for each one of you. For the amazing clients we have and that our business has been able to thrive during COVID.

I would also say I am grateful for my amazing husband who supports, cares and has the patience to stay by my side even when I am sassy.

Natalie Monroe

I’m grateful for technology, and how we all adapt to using it and making it work for us!

I’m grateful for my family and their health. We were all able to spend more time than usual together and slow down during the shutdown. It created challenges, but the dinners we’ve had and the overall family time spent was a definitely a positive.

I’m grateful for beautiful parks and trails nearby; nature is so good for one’s soul. 

Melissa Harman

I am grateful for a smooth move this past summer that brought us back closer to family and friends in Ohio. Nature and the great outdoors are also top on my list for keeping me grounded and bringing me calm during this strange time. And mostly, I thank God for continued hope and carrying away my silly worries!

Sue Maxwell

I’m most grateful for understanding and reveling in my true friendships – whether they are socially distanced on my back porch, a long walk with a friend, a phone call, or a message. My daughters and I have a running text message thread, which keeps us connected.

I’m grateful my husband has been able to work from home. And I’m grateful I have such a great part-time job that allows me time to take care of myself.

Cathy Dieckman

I am grateful for the love and support of my partner and husband. I am grateful for the technology and internet access that allows us to stay connected when we cannot be physically together.

Acknowledging what you are grateful for is a powerful exercise. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and this year has been more difficult than what we could have ever expected. You may feel ‘stuck’, and taking a moment to discover gratitude and appreciation may help change the way you move through your day. You can see gratitude in all kinds of places you may not have imagined. In these moments of reflection, we believe you will be surprised at what simple beauty you will find.

Let us know what you are grateful for this year!