It’s the Journey That Counts

By March 2, 2020Blog, Featured

As I reflect on a spectacular 2019 and the best year yet for BMF, I am reminded it’s not just one client or one project that led to our success. Success was built slowly, over time, on so many different things. But what are the things that really matter?

From our daily work on campaign strategy, social media, websites and video to our partnerships with fantastic clients and appreciation of them through thank you notes and positivity bracelets, we realized some amazing successes – and even a few substantial failures. I am so proud we tried a few epic things this year, but not all of them turned out as we had hoped. All year long, we tried, we risked, we partnered, and we learned. And all of it, as a whole, led to our overall success.

What makes good marketing? It’s the willingness to try and to fail. It is reworking and reshaping and giving it your best effort. It’s meeting clients, prospects, partners and staff right where they are and sharing tools and insight. Ultimately, it’s not about us but rather who we serve and how we adapt to their quickly changing businesses and learn how they prefer to hear, read and visualize messages.

As people evolve and change, so do the ways in which we connect. I think that is why I love Marketing so much. I am blessed to have found a team that enjoys this journey of innovation and change and adapting to what comes next. At times we get exhausted “keeping up,” but often it is in these moments we discover a new perspective that resonates, connects and engages.

As we enter a new decade, I am reminded that change will be our constant. That discovery will be our mission and the people we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with will be the most important aspect of anything we do. 

In 2020, may we all embrace new and different ways of learning, teaching, and sharing. May we enjoy each step even if we don’t know where it is leading. May we learn to balance worth – not just in dollars spent – but in what helps us grow and improve. May we discover it is all worth it as long as we have fun and surround ourselves with amazing people along the journey.