Leveraging AI for Strategic Brand Management

By December 4, 2023Blog
Leveraging AI

~Neil Patel

Our team at Burgie MediaFusion recently participated in Neil Patel’s webinar, “Leveraging AI for Strategic Brand Management”. AI is a crucial topic in the marketing realm, and Patel provided valuable insights that we’d like to share with you. You can access the full webinar here (free signup required.) Within the webinar, Neil suggests Action Plans for each part of the plan.

Key Learnings: Leveraging AI

There is more to AI than ChatGPT and Bard. Learning how we can use artificial intelligence to build brands and strategically improve businesses is a smart way to become a key player.

AI Business Benefits : Leveraging AI

· Predictions on machine activity, client behavior, or business health

· Recommendations related to internal issues or customer-facing efforts

· Automation of manual, repetitive tasks

· Monitoring and alerts to provide assessments on the state of your business

· Enhanced quality of customer relations

We all want brands we can trust and relate to. As consumers, we thrive on authenticity as a business. We need to build and foster trust in this AI era. If you are using it, be transparent and let your clients and customers know you are using AI and how you are utilizing it. One message we got loud and clear was to use it to enhance the human touch, not replace that human element.

Now let’s recount how AI can be a beneficial part of a marketing plan…

Leveraging AI: AI Technology

· Stay ahead of progress in the AI race.

· Find the transformative technologies, not the fads or cool features. You want the tools that will transform the customer experience. · Try tools such as Bard, ChatGPT, Gartner Magic Quadrant.

· Focus on personalization, optimization, and content creation.

Talent Retention and Recruiting

· Ensure teams are future-ready by giving them AI tools and knowledge.

· New roles will be created with AI—have the people in place to ready to learn and grow with AI.

· Use AI to streamline applications for jobs while keeping bias out as much as possible.

Customer Behavior Trends

· Decode human emotions—tap into emotions of the audience.

· Leverage logic and emotions.

· Most people want to deal with humans, so AI needs to replicate human emotions and show compassion. (This comment really struck us… “the customer is right even when they are wrong, but don’t let people walk all over the company or the worker.”)

· Feed AI with data on consumer behavior sentiments and use this information to guide your decisions.

Creativity and Design

· Become the art director and the creative genius by leveraging the skills of AI. It can do so much and save time, but make sure a human is overseeing and making sure your business is staying on brand and true to the company beliefs.

· What is created might not be exactly what you want, but it can get you most of the way there and allow you to make changes.

Influence (Virtual)

· Virtual influencers have more engagement due to some studies that have been conducted. Find those, with many followers, that you can collaborate with, instead of creating your own. (Do some research about virtual influencers—it is fascinating!)

· Provides consistency, allows for creative freedom, and is affordable.

Compliance : Leveraging AI

· Stay compliant. The rules are always changing. Read and research Legal Tech Journals, Regulatory Guidelines, and Compliance Forums.

· To stay ahead of compliance, have lawyers in house to let you know, but that can be expensive for many businesses.

· Explore online tools like OneTrust, DataRobot, or FairWarning for compliance.

Analysis and Decision Meaning

· Redefine the role of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

· Marketers that are using AI, should focus on data driven insights.

· Upload your own data to get recommendations from AI.


· Develop a comprehensive strategy incorporating AI.

· Recognize AI’s strengths in black and white tasks, but not as well on more ambiguous tasks. CMOs need to review all aspects of AI usage.

· The combination of AI and human input is the most effective approach for businesses.

We are just like every marketing firm out there, learning, adapting, and doing our absolute best for our clients. If we can be of assistance to your company, reach out to us at 614-273-0783.