There’s No Better Time Than the Present to Share Confidence and Spread Positivity

By March 30, 2020Blog, Featured

During this time of crisis, we as businesses have an opportunity to be leaders and continue to create and reinforce positive messages for our clients. Here at Burgie MediaFusion, we are in close contact with our clients, helping them navigate through digital marketing in this challenging time.

What we are noticing is each of our client’s unique ability to be calm and move forward with positivity – not just with the immediate needs of themselves and their clients, but also in looking forward with long-term planning.

Digital messages are working right now – their power is real and reassuring. Companies are creating and sharing positive messages, explaining preparedness, procedures and plans, reacting confidently with their clients, and showing how their businesses are continuing to place their clients’ needs front and center.

We, as companies and leaders, are learning and adapting every day. We are pivoting and adjusting to change. Social media has provided great opportunity to communicate. We see social media bringing people together as we share relevant messages, products, and information. Facebook groups are forming daily and people are finding ways to support and help each other navigate through these demanding times. People are using all platforms to create connections and camaraderie, and that is the key to building optimism and hope!

So, as a company, what should you be doing in order to maintain success now and in the future?

  • Focus on Positive Messaging – Make people feel good and share what your company is doing to keep spirits up and help the community. How are you ensuring an atmosphere of “business as usual” (as much as it can be) and continually letting your clients know all you can be doing for them right now?
  • Focus on What is Working – What are you doing in your company that is working? Have you moved to virtual tours or daily videos? Have you set up an online ordering process? How are you interacting with people if your job involves going into clients’ homes? Demonstrate what you are doing to help your clients feel good and secure, all while proving your brand.
  • Explain What is Ahead and What You’ve Learned During This Time – Everyone wants business to go on as uninterrupted as possible, all while understanding there will be disruptions. How you share and disseminate this valuable information will set you apart. If you make a mistake, share it openly and correct it quickly. Work to keep your status current and actions updated on all of your social sites. Answer questions quickly and frequently as they come in.

    Many companies have moved to offering live videos, workout sessions, tutorials, virtual home tours, consultations, curbside pickup, etc. What you do to keep business moving and how you market it to your clients will make all the difference for your business now and in the future. Not being reactionary but rather being a visionary will inspire confidence in your customers. What you learn now during this time will help you develop better strategic solutions for the future. We have to learn from this experience and share what we’ve learned for future business interactions and planning.
  • Share Stories of Strategic Partners and Their Value to You – This is the time to share positive messages and stories about everyone that works with or for you. Share what they are doing that is positive, proactive and helping during this challenging time. We’re all in this together, so now is the time to promote them and share your pride in them as well.
  • Stay Positive and Get it Done – Right now is the perfect time to shine and keep positivity front and center. Share what your employees and partners are doing, how they are working for their clients, and how they are helping others. Above all, share how you are continuing to make this happen for your own clients and customers. Through your marketing and messaging at this time, show the humanness and realness of your company and its people. Authenticity always breaks through the noise.

At Burgie MediaFusion, we are in the business of helping our clients be the best at what they do, no matter the season they are in. We’re here for you and would be happy to help you navigate through these times as well as looking towards the future. Give us a call at 614-273-0783 if you’d like to vent, chat, or consider all the unique ways to keep business moving forward right now.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”  ~ Nelson Mandela

*image from pexels Simon Migaj