Tips for creating your own DIY videos

By March 25, 2020Blog, Featured
woman taking video of herself

It’s easy to create your own DIY videos at home or at work, especially at a time when most of us are working from home and unable to turn to the pros. Below, we list some details on the keys for success to producing quality organic in-house videos. We suggest you look into purchasing some of these items if you do not have them readily on-hand.

  • Video camera – A smart phone camera or point-and-shoot camera will work just fine. Most DSLR cameras also have a video recording feature.

  • Tripod – You can use a tripod intended for either your smart phone or your camera. Some tripods even come with a built-in light for selfie recording. (See “Simple lighting,” below)

  • Microphone or lavalier lapel microphone – While not required, using a microphone that is not embedded in your phone or camera will typically sound more crisp and clear. Check out this affordable option: Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone

  • Simple lighting – For consistent, at-home lighting, LED lights are the most simple, effective option.
  • Back drop – Simple is best, and you might want to have multiple colors to choose from. Here is an inexpensive backdrop option.

  • Length of video – Keeping any video under two minutes is best. An ideal length is between 60 – 90 seconds.