What Social Media Habits Are Key to Your Success in 2022?

By January 24, 2022Blog, Featured

Our team at BMF has seen shifts in the way brands are promoting their companies, their products, and their services over the past 2 years. The popularity of social media and its impact on us isn’t waning, in fact it continues to grow across various platforms. Read more to find out what social media habits are key to your success in 2022.

More people are still working from home or in hybrid situations, parents are spending more days at home with kids as schools continue to work within COVID protocols, and all of these continue to impact social media and how companies use it. Along with that, our smartphones and computers have become our first line of research and communication. We use them to figure out what we want to purchase, what companies we trust, and how we connect with the world.

Businesses are always working to engage with customers, to understand what platforms work for them, what is being searched for on their website, what people are engaging with on their social media platforms and how and where to position their company.

It’s not necessarily good to immerse your company on all platforms—instead find the ones that work well for your company’s needs. But currently, staying abreast of your SEO and the ever-changing algorithms, might mean you need to be present on more platforms.

What Are Your Keys to Success?


While Facebook struggles with younger audiences, it continues to dominate the social media world. This is the time to really dial into your audience. Are they using Facebook to engage with you? If they are, and you aren’t creating quality content, this is the time to focus on creating content that will increase your success and enable you to gain more followers. And don’t forget the importance of being seen by commenting on other pages outside of your own and always be quick to respond to anything you’ve engaged with!

With the ability to create ads and utilize the various business options within the platform, many businesses will continue to use it to get noticed and to maintain relationships with their audiences.

Find new audiences

Many clients we have worked with so far this year have asked this question, “How can I reach more people and build my audience?” Through our research, engagement is impacted in several key ways: (Paraphrased from HubSpot)

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Fostering relationships with customers, which increase brand loyalty
  • Improving customer service and retention

Your objective should include creating relationships with followers by engaging, supplying useful content and sharing your goals for 2022. Finding your audience is just one piece, now you must keep them and turn them into purchasing power, raging fans, and loyal supporters for your company.


When TikTok debuted, many of us thought it would be a quick fad, but its popularity continues to grow, and here at BMF, we are encouraging our clients to begin using it. Posting content on TikTok is a way for your business to gain a new audience while depicting your company’s culture and personality. Create content that makes people laugh, gets them interested in your brands, and attracts a younger group of people. (Though we know more and more “older” people are dipping their toes in to TikTok.) Its ability to share videos, especially short-form videos, appeals to many people. Take this year and see what happens to your brand with the use of TikTok.

We will be sharing several blogs about creating and using TikTok in the next few months, so stay tuned.

Instagram stays the course

We have seen more companies invest more time and effort into using Instagram to share relatable content, increase brand awareness and sales. Instagram has the ability for people to shop in the app, which may be a benefit for your business. Videos are important to use, as well as sharing the day-to-day of your business, organic information, and work in progress photos.

Video content is king

Long-form or short-form, use video content. While long-form has been promoted in the past, the advent of TikTok has made short-term video the way to go for most content, most of the time. Even YouTube now has Shorts, which are short videos to keep us engaged. Video is popular, engages with customers well, and is effective.

A study from Wyzowl discovered that—

“84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.”

One thing we suggest is to try it and see what works best for your business. The more authentic content you can create will go a long way to instilling trust with your followers.

Personalize and stay in touch

No matter what else you do, create a voice that resonates with your audience. Respond to comments (if they are negative, respond once and then move it to a DM) promptly. We live in a world where we want instant answers and taking several days to respond could cost you some followers. One thing that continues to gain popularity is people asking questions online and not calling your business instead to ask their question. Do you have the tools in place to support this way of communication?

Our Burgie MediaFusion Team is here to help you make sense of social media in 2022. Whatever your questions, needs, or advice, we are here to answer your questions and guide your business on a successful path.