Pay to Play-Why Should You Boost Posts?

By November 8, 2017Blog, Featured

Boost or not? Ads or not? What is one to do when you’ve got something on Facebook that you want others to see? Unfortunately, Facebook continues to make it harder to get a higher organic reach, so paying to be seen is important. We’re not here to discuss using Facebook Ads today, as it is its own important topic, but rather to give you some helpful tips on why and when you should be boosting posts on Facebook.


  • The organic reach on Facebook continues to decrease, so even your page’s fans might not see your update unless you boost it.
  • You might be able to reach more people with the same amount of money that an ad would, depending on what you’re boosting.
  • If you’re getting good engagement.
  • If you’re a small business and want to target an audience surrounding your business, boosting to your page’s friends and their friends (many of whom will be living in the same general area) will alert them to what is happening in their area, and potentially get them to you.
  • When you need to reach a specific type of person. Creating a target audience might be the best route to take to increase your engagement rate and make folks aware of your business and what it can offer them.
  • Boosted posts allow you to potentially reach a broader audience for not much money.


  • You want to increase the understanding of your brand or service you provide, you want more likes and shares on your page, or you want to promote blog posts and other content.
  • You want people to engage with your site and share information and updates with them.
  • You have a specific promotion and/or “offer” that you want to reach a specific target market.
  • You have an upcoming event or opportunity you want to make others aware of.
  • You want to increase your fan base.
  • You want to increase the number of visits to your website.
  • You have created creative content that positions you as a thought leader or expert.

Facebook boosts are quick, affordable, and easy to do. As your Columbus, Ohio marketing company we know that they can help you create interest in your brand, your products or services, gain more followers, and get your message out faster to more people. But take time to be sure what you are boosting will gain some traction and be of interest.

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