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I recently was struck with the faith and trust that a client turned over to me when we were discussing their campaign. It was a new client that we have recently begun working with and I was completely struck by their complete trust in what we were instructing them to do. As I was driving home and brainstorming some ideas; I felt the weight of what that meant, I wanted to ensure that what we did was the best use of every dollar.

It’s not that I would ever steer anyone down the wrong road knowingly, but I feel like all too often it is difficult for anyone to totally give a decision up to another company or person, it is very rare. There seems to be so much double and triple checking on everything that it is as if we never truly let go.

I think that is what struck me the most is as I sat and reflected in my car…. most all of our partners really do completely let go and let us guide them. It’s rare and it is so very special and we are very thankful.  What I realized is we do our best work when we are given the opportunity to do it.  When you feel that someone truly is invested and trusts in you … you work harder, you do more, you do better.

We have decided that the risk of trusting is always worth the benefit. Sometimes we might get burned but most of the time we smile because what we started with ends up so much greater and so much more amazing than we could have ever dreamed of on our own.

We are grateful for those who have trusted us, we don’t take it lightly and we promise to do our very best to do right by you. We are surely not perfect but we are definitely always learning and growing and we appreciate the partners who trust us as we grow.

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